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Premium WordPress ThemesWhen is the last time you check your server logs? By taking a look at your server logs from time to time you can uncover what search terms people are using to find your website through your on site search engine optimization efforts. Then you can and search for those same search terms at each of the search engines and see what you see. Why do you do this? To see what the top three search results are. Best premium wordpress themes for your business website.

The top three search results for any search query usually do a good job of answering the question the searcher has in mind when making that query. Visit those pages and see how they answer the question. Then go to your page for that search query and add content to it that answers the site visitor’s question. Make sure you put that content near the top of the page so that it can be easily found by the search engines and by your human visitors.

You might even add some keywords or h-level tags to your page to help them out in the search rankings. It might even behoove you to add some graphics with alt tags and some title attributes to your links. Whatever you need to do to help your pages rank better will increase your traffic counts and your chances of converting that traffic to dollars. Check your server logs for opportunities.

Premium WordPress Themes – Google Analytics

Serious webmasters will recognize that Google Analytics is the free web-based stats tracking package owned by Google. It’s about as essential as anything in the webmaster’s arsenal. Well, if you believe in Santa Claus then you might be interested to know that Google Analytics will be used to track Santa’s flight around the world on Christmas Eve. And who will be tracking him? NORAD.

NORAD stands for North American Aerospace Defense Command, an arm of the U.S. military.

If you didn’t know it already, NORAD has been tracking Santa since 1955. They launched a website in 1998. And last year NORAD began tracking usages of its website with Google Analytics. That means, for the first time in history, NORAD will be able to compare usage statistics of its website to previous years. And what is the number to beat? According to the Google Analytics Blog, 11 million visits.

If NORAD can track Santa and the usage of its website, which tells children where Santa is at any given time on Christmas Eve, don’t you think you should be tracking your stats with Google Analytics too?

Premium WordPress Themes – Geographic Targeting

If you have a website that is geographically targeted, you can make sure it is targeted to the right geographic market through Google Webmaster Tools. Sign in to your Google Webmaster Tools account and click on “Tools” in the sidebar. Next, click on “Set geographic targeting”. After that you can set your geographic targeting preferences and once they are set you will be able to market your website to the proper geographic area.

This does not mean that you should not employ georgraphic search engine optimization strategies as well. You should still optimize blog posts and website content for geographic keywords. But changing this setting inside Webmaster Tools tells Google that you are serious about geographic targeting and Google will use its algorithms to ensure that your website ranks for the proper geographic area.

This is particularly important is you are targeting your website to any country other than the U.S. You can use it to narrow the U.S. market you are targeting too, but don’t rely just on Webmaster Tools.

Premium WordPress Themes – Breaking Your Code

MSN Live is now trying to convince us that you are in danger of being hacked and malicious software downloaded onto your website for your visitors to be attacked. Is that possible? Yes. But I don’t agree with the way that MSN Live is handling this.

First, it should be noted that MSN was the victim of web hacker last year. As a result, the search engine no longer reports inbound links to your website (or anyone else’s for that matter). Meanwhile, Yahoo! and Google seem to have web security down pretty good. And so should you.

The scare tactics that MSN is using to convince searchers that they have a handle on the hacker and malicious code problem just plain stinks. You can see it in action right here.

First, I disagree with the disabling of the links. Google doesn’t do that and manages to warn searchers of potenital malware issues. Why can’t MSN?

While it is possible for your website to be hacked and malicious software downloaded, it is not likely unless you have significant traffic numbers or you leave glaring holes in your security. And it doesn’t take much to maintain website security. Just be sure you are doing the following:

  • DON’T let executable files sit on your server for long periods of time
  • Change your passwords from time to time
  • Use firewalls and anti-virus software on your computers
  • Update your software, CMS, blogs, and other Netware every time an update is offered
  • Web-based software with build-in security features are better than home-grown or open source
  • Password protect your important folders
  • Use your CGI bin
  • Put an index.html file in all of your server folders
  • Use log 404 files
  • Audit your security every now and then

Website security is as important as anything else you do online. Don’t rely on chance.